DODO IKIRE(spicy plantain brittle)

Serving suggestion.

Growing up in Nigeria, I vividly remember how “young me” frequently disturbed my mother for a wrap of dodo ikire anytime we were having our precious road trips. I can recall how hawkers would chant varouis choral lines so as to attract travelers to buy dodo ikire. Dodo ikire happens to be one of the ethnic Nigerian snack, as history has it, our forefathers mashed the plantains with their feet because of mass prodution. Few days ago, I felt like recreating old times and the ever scrumptious dodo ikire came to my mind. Luckily for me I had soggy plantains in my kitchen, you could bet that i made my plantains work. Without further ado, lets get cooking!!!


2 soggy plantains

1 overripe but almost soggy plantain

1 tsp of salt

1 medium chopped onion

1 1/2 tbsp of crushed pepper

2 cups of palm oil (for frying)


In a bowl, mash all your plantains with a wooden spoon.

Add finely chopped onions.


Add crushed pepper.


Add salt, mix thoroughly.

In a medium pan, heat oil. Drop yur plantain mash in oil scoop by scoop. Fry till it turns black but not burnt, turn over and lowe heat to let other side cook, so as to not end up with soggy plantains. Once both side is fried to crips, remove and place on a cooling rack. Serve with necessry condiments.

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