Often time, I notice my friends and family ordering only “noodles stir fry” in an Asian restaurant. It leaves me wondering “Shey noodles stir fry nikan lo wa lori menu ni” meaning “Is noodles stir fry the only thing on the menu“. Originally, this stir fry recipe is an Asian origin, but I have modified it a bit by adding a tad of Ata rodo (Habanero peppers) to fit into the African (Nigerian) menu. Without further ado, let’s cook.


1 lb Vermicelli noodles

1/2 lb chicken strips (Pre seasoned)

1/2 lb beef strips (Pre seasoned)

1/2 lb shrimps

2 eggs

4 snow peas

4-5 broccoli stalks

1/2 large green bell pepper (cut into strips)

1 large red onions (cut into strips)

1 large carrot (skinned and cut diagonally)

3 Thai chilies (cut diagonally)

2 medium sized habanero (diced)

1 bunch spring onions (sliced)

Ginger (diced)

Garlic (sliced)

Soy sauce (4 tbsp)


Season and salt to taste

***You can cut vegetables based on your preference***


  1. In a wok pan, drizzle oil, add beef strips, stirring frequently until golden brown and set aside.
    Repeat step 1 for the chicken strips.
    In a pot of boiling water, add vermicelli noodles and boil for 3 mins.
    Set aside.
    Using a little oil, add all veggies in the pan and stir frequently until tender. (Use low heat)
    Set aside.
    Add eggs in the pan, and stir frequently to avoid burning or sticking.
    Add vermicelli noodles and stir thoroughly.
    Add veggies and meat.
    Stir thoroughly till it’s evenly incorporated.
    Add shrimps.
    Add soy sauce.
    Stir thoroughly.
    Leave to cook for 5 mins using low heat
    Fluff and serve.
  • Serving suggestions.
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