Gbegiri with a twist

This is one of the few complicated yet quick soups we have in Nigeria, if you’ve never had this soup I would say this is your chance to try it. All you have to do is to follow this recipe step by step so as to get the perfect soup. Gbegiri soup is a Western […]

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Dodo-gizzard/ Gizdodo

Ingredients Wash and cut up gizzards into little bite pieces Put In a pot to boil Add salt and maggi When tender, turn off heat and fry. U can grill for a more healthy option. Cut your plaintains into little bite cubes Fry till it’s golden brown Blend onions, tomato and red bell pepper and […]

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Meatpies and sausage rolls.

Hello foodies, welcome to today’s edition of Afroedibles. Today we would learn how to make meatpies and sausage rolls. Are we wondering why we would learn both at the same time? This is because the dough used in making both snacks requires the same process and we could just kill two birds with one stone […]

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Grilled fish

Prep time: 1hr 30 mins Cooking time: 50 mins One medium sized tilapia fish One large red bell pepper(blended with no water) or 2 tbsp crushed pepper ½ cup of oil 2 tbsp salt 2 cubes of bouillon stock cubes ½ cup lemon juice from concentrate In a large bowl, add the lemon juice, oil, […]

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Moimoi Roll Up

Guess what can be rolled up like a Swiss roll? you are correct… moi moi can be rolled up. Moi moi is a steamed Nigerian dish made out of beans. This time we decided to take it up some notches by baking and rolling it. Without further ado, let get to the making of this […]

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Plaintain and egg frittata

Most times we want something quick and palatable. The plantain and egg frittta is a life saver. Let’s take a quick look at what went down in our kitchen!!!! Ingredients  Ripe plantain (2) Eggs (4) Peppers, onions, and tomatoes (optional but in little quantities and chopped) Salt and seasoning Oil (for frying) Steps Step 1 […]

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Craving for something tasty and filling?, Nigerian shawarma would do the trick. This snack has become very popular on the streets of Nigeria and in most gatherings. Today in Afroedibles kitchen we decided to treat ourselves with wraps of tasty shawarma. Here’s the recipe! Ingredients *  cut into strips /   cut into circles This ingredients […]

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Ayamase is said to be a mythical stew,made by the Ijebu people ancestor (Mrs Mase). She servers it along with Ofada rice as her lover (not Mr Mase) loved it. Some people say this stew also originated from egba land. Despite the origination, we can say it originated in West Africa. The hotness of this […]

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Ingredients * Smoked goat meat * Red onions * Ata Rodo (scotch bonnet or Red habanero) * Onion Powder * Salt * Seasoning Method Wash your smoked goat meat pieces. Dice one red onion. Mix it well with your washed meat, then add salt, seasoning and onion powder to taste . Marinate for 45 minutes […]

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Nigerian Doughnuts

Ingredients 6 cups of flour 1 3/4 cups of warm milk 6 tbsp of melted butter Oil (for frying) 1 cup of sugar  2 1/2 tbsp of yeast Pinch of salt (if using unsalted butter) 2 eggs Jam (for filling, if desired) Directions Sift  flour into a large bowl and reserve a cup from the sifted flour […]

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Nigerian Fried Rice

This is how to make this dish Ingredients 3 cups of long grain parboiled rice Vegetable Oil Chicken 100g cow liver 1 tablespoon plain yellow curry powder/ Jamaican curry 5 medium curry 1 handful green beans Salt (to taste) 2 large onions 3 stock cubes 1 tablespoon thyme Cooking the Fried Rice Cut  your veggies  […]

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