Moist Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.

Over time, banana bread has been a classic that almost everyone turns to for breakfast, snack on-the-go, or something light for dinner. Undoubtedly banana bread has been the best. It’s well know for versatility as you can add other condiments while making it. Today I’ll be adding semi sweet chocolate chip to this recipe, to […]

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Hello foodies, this past week I took the time to make a simple, yet ravishing and well-flavored. Yam porridge is one of the foods I grew up eating as a Nigerian and I love every single memories attached to it. I remember how my mother would cook yam porridge that came with a lot of […]


VERMICELLI (Noodles stir fry)

Often time, I notice my friends and family ordering only “noodles stir fry” in an Asian restaurant. It leaves me wondering “Shey noodles stir fry nikan lo wa lori menu ni” meaning “Is noodles stir fry the only thing on the menu“. Originally, this stir fry recipe is an Asian origin, but I have modified […]

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